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Adjust z-axis location for a pcolor() plot

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ME 2019년 12월 9일
답변: ME 2020년 1월 20일
I am attempting to vertically stack a number of pcolor plots within the same set of axes and then overlay some contour lines onto them. I can get the contour lines to the z-axis values I want using the ContourZLevel property of the contour plot. I tried this with the pcolor parts in the same way but I couldn't get it to work. Is there a similar property for pcolor() or will I need to do something completely different?
EDIT: Okay, so perhaps I haven't explained this very well (or maybe it just can't be done - but I doubt that very much). What I'd like to do is something very similar to that in the below link but for a pcolor plot instead of a contour plot. Is anybody able to help?

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ME 2020년 1월 20일
Okay, so just in case anybody has been looking here anticipating an answer and been disappointed. I have managed to figure this one out - at last!
Here is an example:
y = peaks;
h = pcolor(y);
h.ZData = h.ZData+5;
hold on
This will give a plot with a pcolor representation of peaks at z = 5 and another at z = 0 (the default for pcolor plots).
I hope this might help somebody one day!

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