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phased.freespace channel multiple targets

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Jimmy Chou
Jimmy Chou 8 Dec 2019
답변: Honglei Chen 31 Dec 2019
I'm trying to simulate an environment with multiple target with phased.freespace channel. The signal I used is Linear FMCW signal. But i found this error:
Error using phased.FreeSpace/validateNumberOfPositionPairs (line 231)
Expected input Pos2 to be of size [3 1] when it is actually size [3 28].
Error in phased.internal.AbstractFreeSpace/validateInputsImpl (line 333)
Error in FMCWExample_multi_target (line 191)
txsig = channel(txsig,radar_pos,tgt_pos,radar_vel,tgt_vel);
Can anyone give me a hand?

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Maadhav Akula
Maadhav Akula 13 Dec 2019
It would be helpful if you can share the code, which has caused this error.

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen 31 Dec 2019
What are dimensions of your inputs to the object? You may need to match the number of input signal to number or targets.

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