How can remove Excel column by MATLAB

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Furat Alobaidy
Furat Alobaidy 2019년 12월 5일
댓글: prasanth vemula 2020년 6월 18일
Hi ,
please i have Excel file contains multi coulums how can remove entire specfic coulums ;
for example i have colums (A,B , C) how can remove coulum C ?

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Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 2019년 12월 5일
The simplest way is to load the excel file with xlsread, then write the data back with only the desired columns using xlswrite.
data = xlsread('Myexcelfile.xlsx');
xlswrite('Myexcelfile_reduced.xlsx',data(:,1:2)); % Only columns A and B
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prasanth vemula
prasanth vemula 2020년 6월 18일
Yah, but if the data to be sent back is smaller than the previous data. It`ll only rewrite a part of it and the remaining will be the previous data.
Is there any other work around?

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