GUI Question: How can I import a variable/vector/matrix into a GUI I created?

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Hi! For example, I am creating my own GUI and I want to Import a variable or a vector from workspace or file system? How do I go about doing this? Thanks very much!

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Luffy 2012년 9월 30일
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If you want to access data that is in base workspace in your gui functions, use
v = evalin('base','name of variable u want to access'); % the variable's data is now stored in v. If u want to save data of ur gui work space to base, use
assignin('base','name of variable u want to save','value of variable'); Several ways are shared in the FAQ:
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Iris 2012년 10월 4일
I was able to pass my variables in between base workspace and gui and also call back functions through this. Thanks!

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Matt J
Matt J 2012년 9월 30일
This might be what you want
Also, you can pass MATLAB variables to the GUI as input arguments when it is initially launched:
The variables A,B,C,... will be passed to your gui's OpeningFcn, assuming you developed the gui using GUIDE, as varargin inputs.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2012년 9월 30일
You can import a file from the file system using uigetfile() to get its filename, then use functions such as dlmread, csvread, textscan, importdata, etc. to read in the contents of the file.


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