Efficient allocation of random numbers(U(0,1)) into categories

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I am trying to create a function which takes two arguments as input, one a vector of values drawn from a uniform distribution and the other input a number of values between 0 ad 1. It should then index the values from the first input with a number corresponding to its category in the second input.
For example Input1 = [0.2 0.5 0.90 0.995] input2 = [0 0.81 0.99 1] Output = [0 0 1 2]
At present i am using a double for loop with an if statement
for i=1:length(randoms)
for r = 1:(length(ShockProbabilities)-1)
if randoms(i) >= (ShockProbabilities(r)) && randoms(i) < (ShockProbabilities(r+1)); randoms(i)=(r-1); end
Could any one suggest how i might speed this up ? i am sure there is a way and i dont like using 2 for loops and an if statement. I am just curious, i dont really need it as such
Thanks :)

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig 2012년 9월 29일
편집: Matt Fig 2012년 9월 29일
How about the HISTC function?
Also, in your code there is no reference to either input1 or input2, so I cannot run it...
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DoVile Last Name:
DoVile Last Name: 2012년 9월 29일
Great i got it working, and the break tip was a real eye opener for me! in the actual program i will be using quasirandom numbers instead of the ones from the example so they wont be sorted, also i kind of want a more robust function.
Thanks Matt :)

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