How can I classify data based on two columns??

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Mohammed Alammar
Mohammed Alammar 2019년 12월 1일
답변: Luna 2019년 12월 2일
hi ,
I have a data as shown below, I need to classify it based on the rho and theta.
I am looking to plot complete line by extract start and end of point for lines . so i need to classfy as follw:
groups : have the same rho and inside it two groups : 1- when theta = -90 which is hirozental line.
2- when theta = 0 which is vertical line.
I have tried that but there somthing wrong which ('Index exceeds the number of array elements (19)')
Capture.JPG could you please help me??
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Luna 2019년 12월 2일
Can you provide the data as a .mat file attached?

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Luna 2019년 12월 2일
Your error caused from the line for loop. You have 19 elements but m+1 will be 20.
for m = 1:length(lines)-1
This will fix your problem.


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