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Data Sorting (looking for a range that do not exist in a list of numbers)

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Francis Kwofie
Francis Kwofie 30 Nov 2019
Hi All,
Assume I have a column vector (please see attached) and it contains numbers but its not contineous. That is, say I have the numbers 1,2,3,6,7,8,23,24,25, 76,77 etc. I want to list the point where there was a jump, so in this case it will be 3,6 and 8,23 and 25,76.
Also after that, if possible, I would like to add '1' to the first value identified and substract '1' from the second value. For an illustration, 3,6 has been identified, so it will become 4,5. Which means among the numbers listed, 4 to 5 does not exist in the data and likewise 9 and 22 (in the case for 8,23) does not exist. I need these ranges that do not exists in the list of the numbers.
Any ideas?
Thank you

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Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick 30 Nov 2019
Stephen Cobeldick 님이 편집함. 30 Nov 2019
>> V = [1,2,3,6,7,8,23,24,25,76,77];
>> X = diff(V)~=1;
>> B = V([X,false])+1 % missing range begin values
B =
4 9 26
>> E = V([false,X])-1 % missing range end values
E =
5 22 75

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