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How to code this avarage gradient equation in matlab?

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Alvin Alvin
Alvin Alvin 28 Nov 2019
Commented: Alvin Alvin 28 Nov 2019
Average gradient (AG). The AG reflects the ability to express the details of an image and can be used to measure the
relative clarity of the image. AG is formulated as:

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KSSV 28 Nov 2019
Let F be your matrix.
[dfdx,dfdy] = gradient(f) ;
M = (dfdx.^2+dfdy.^2)/2 ;
AG = mean(mean(M)) ;
I gave answer quckly...cross check once.

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Alvin Alvin
Alvin Alvin 28 Nov 2019
Thanks KSSV,
Alvin Alvin
Alvin Alvin 28 Nov 2019
hey KSSV, please help me again
To improve the significance of the data, a comprehensive evaluation parameter was set in the experiment so that the average values of different sets of test data could be presented in a consistent manner:
where n is the sample size, Yi is the result of testing on a certain sample, and Y is the average value.

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