Creating Sine wave with random values

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shane watson
shane watson 2019년 11월 26일
댓글: shane watson 2019년 12월 5일
Hello All,
I'm trying to introduce sine signal as false information to my system. Now presently, I have this siganl with values in array like
I= [6 16 6 16 75 1 22 6 6 6 6 22 25 25 25 25 23 5 5 16 9 9 9 9];
These are 24 values, I ploted this values and calculated the prices in such way that price for each value is determined. Now I wanted to introduce a sine wave signal as a fault signal, the problem is how to get only 24 valus like these discrete values for sine wave such that signal looks sinusidal with 24 discrete values and I dont know how to that, kindly help me out.


Philippe Lebel
Philippe Lebel 2019년 11월 26일
here is my try:
random_phase_offset = rand(1,1)*2*pi;
max_amplitude = 20;
random_amplitude = rand(1,1)*max_amplitude;
t = (0:1/23:1)*2*pi;
signal = random_amplitude * sin(t+random_phase_offset);
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shane watson
shane watson 2019년 12월 5일
I'm sorry for late response, I agreed with your comment, however, I meant to say that when looking at figure the plot start from value "0" (not "1", which is required). Secondly´, the array has 24 values which is exactly as I wanted, however, the figure shows the plot which eventully stops at value 14, the appreances of plot values should also reach to 24 as array has 24 values because I'm resembling it with 1 to 24 hours. Thanks in Advance.

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