Analog Input Recorder Application

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Muhammad Salman Kabir
Muhammad Salman Kabir . 2019년 11월 23일
답변: Gabriele Bunkheila . 2019년 12월 10일
I need to know how can I display the recorded signal just like Matlab displays in its Analog Input Recorder App.
Refer to attached zip file for further details.
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Charlie DeVane
Charlie DeVane 2019년 12월 9일
Are you referring to the Data Acquisition Toolbox app? If so, try changing the products list from Audio Toolbox to Data Acquisition Toolbox to get attention from someone familiar with the app.

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Gabriele Bunkheila
Gabriele Bunkheila 2019년 12월 10일
Hi Muhammad,
If the type of signals that you are interested in acquiring is audio, then you should look at Audio Toolbox instead of Data Acquisition Toolbox. Audio Toolbox provides more efficient interfaces for sound cards, with support for synchronized low-latency and multi-channel audio acquisition across all OS.
The reference built-in MATLAB App is that case is called Audio Test Bench. It can be used to display the first acquired channel out of the box via the time scope and spectrum analyzer. It also includes an option to generate MATLAB code so you can customize your visualization (e.g. how many and which channels to visualize) by modifying the generated MATLAB code.
To get started with Audio Test Bench you can easily use the Audio Toolbox documentation, e.g.:
I hope this helps.

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