Create geometry from mesh surface mesh

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Shengyue Shan
Shengyue Shan 2019년 11월 21일
답변: Sourav Bairagya 2020년 1월 10일
Hi all,
I am creating geometry for the use in pde toolbox. I exported the mesh of the 3D geometry from COMSOL, and I realized that the element matrix of the surface is a 3-by-Nelements matrix while the rest of the geometry is a 4-by-Nelements. I wonder how I concatenate the two matrices. I tried to put [] as the 4th row for the 3-by-Nelements matrix but it did not work.
Thank you very much!
Best regards,
Shengyue Shan


Sourav Bairagya
Sourav Bairagya 2020년 1월 10일




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