Matlab 2019b optimoptions not work on sparse jacobPattern anymore

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DIZHONG ZHU 2019년 11월 21일
편집: Steve Grikschat 2020년 7월 2일
I have just recently update to Matlab2019b, but the optmoptions did not work as I expect.
For example I have sparse jacobian pattern matrix create by A=speye(100000) and feed to optimoption by
'options = optimoptions(@fsolve,'Display','iter','JacobPattern',J,'Algorithm','trust-region','SubproblemAlgorithm','cg');'
It just complain as follows, seems Matlab2019b tries to construct a dense matrix from the sparse. While this code will work on Matlab2018b.
Anyone can help for that, please? Thanks

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Steve Grikschat
Steve Grikschat 2019년 11월 22일
편집: Steve Grikschat 2020년 7월 2일
This is a bug in optimoptions in R2019b. Thanks for reporting this!
As a workaround until it is fixed, you can use optimset
options = optimset('Display','iter','JacobPattern',J,'Algorithm','trust-region','SubproblemAlgorithm','cg');
======== Update ==========
Note, this bug is fixed in R2020a and later releases.
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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss 2020년 7월 2일
The syntax for optimset is a little different than optimoptions. Did you try the code as Steve wrote it? This works for me:
J = speye(1e5);
options = optimset('Display','iter','JacobPattern',J,'Algorithm','trust-region','SubproblemAlgorithm','cg');
Alan Weiss
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