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Problems obtaining the correct number of frames in video file

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K E 26 Sep 2012
I am having trouble using VideoReader to determine the correct number of frames in a video file,
videoObj = VideoReader('2_1107.mpg') ;
Warning: Unable to determine the number of frames in this file.
lastFrame = read(videoObj, inf)
Error using VideoReader/read (line 86)
The frame index requested is beyond the end of the file.
The following code returns a different number of frames each time it's run, e.g. 164, 263, 257.
videoObj = VideoReader('2_1107.mpg');
nFrame = 0 ;
isGood = true ;
while isGood
nFrame = nFrame + 1 ;
thisFrame = read(videoObj, nFrame) ;
isGood = false ;
nFrame = nFrame - 1 ; % Don't include in the count if fails
If VideoReader skipping or repeating frames on each pass through the file, how can I get the correct number of frames? More info: problem is present for both R2012a and R2012b run on Windows 7 (32-bit versions), video format is MPEG-2, size of the video is 65706 KB, and it's a variable frame rate file.

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Ryan G
Ryan G 27 Sep 2012
Have you tried something like this:
xyloObj = VideoReader('xylophone.mpg');
xylDat = read(xyloObj);
For this example, which is the mpg in the link provided, the final value in size is the number of frames. If this does not help, can you do a:
and post the results? I would be interested to see what data is missing.
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K E 28 Sep 2012
Thanks again Ryan. You really helped me. I ended up using another free converter, ffmpeg, to convert from MPEG-2 to MPEG-1 using the following command which I could incorporate into a MATLAB script,
ffmpeg -i myMpeg2File.mpg -target ntsc-vcd -y myMpeg1File.mpg
64-bit VideoReader has no problems reading the MPEG-1 file and counts the same number of frames each time my code snippet runs. It takes a lot longer to count the frames now, so I think before it failed part way through the file.

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