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Find elements in a matrix

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Hanna Sundling
Hanna Sundling 2019년 11월 14일
댓글: Guillaume 2019년 11월 14일
The task is to find how many of the elements in A is numbers between 30 and 65, how do I find that? My code looks like this:
Skärmavbild 2019-11-14 kl. 15.23.15.png
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Daniel M
Daniel M 2019년 11월 14일
You can read about logical operators here

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M 2019년 11월 14일
편집: M 2019년 11월 14일
You can get the indices with:
idx = A >= 30 & A <= 65
To know the number of values corresponding to the condition:
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Guillaume 2019년 11월 14일
is simpler and faster than numel(find...)

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Ruger28 2019년 11월 14일
This really isnt code, or even an attempt....but
A = randi([10,100],8,20);
B = A(A>=30 & A <= 65); % logically index A using your limits
using FIND
A = randi([10,100],8,20);
C = find(A>=30 & A<=65); % get index of values in your window
D = A(C); % get values in A

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