Hi, how can i proceed with this question, everytime i plot it, it doesn't show me my line. Can u guys help me

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x = -10 : 0.01 : 10;
y = (exp(x)/ sin(x)) + 0.3;

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Jan Studnicka
Jan Studnicka 2019년 11월 8일
You are missing . before /. See:
x = -10 : 0.01 : 10;
y = (exp(x)./ sin(x)) + 0.3; % use ./ instead of /

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the cyclist
the cyclist 2019년 11월 8일
편집: the cyclist 2019년 11월 8일
It's because you used a matrix division instead of an element-wise division to calculate y. Try this instead:
y = (exp(x)./ sin(x)) + 0.3;
Note the use of ./ in place of just / in the formula.
See this documentation for more details.




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