JAR behaves differently when running in MATLAB - Throws error that cannot be reproduced outside MATLAB

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Dean 2012년 9월 24일
댓글: Matt 2013년 11월 18일
I have a pretty basic JAR file that contains a single class. It handles some network stuff, mainly transferring files between a matlab client application and a server. I'm having some weird behavior that I can't quite explain. When I run a request to my server that I expect to return a 404, it works fine when just running a jUnit test in Eclipse. When I import the class into matlab and do the exact same thing I instead get:
??? Java exception occurred:
ice.net.URLNotFoundException: Document not found on server
at ice.net.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(OEAB)
at ice.net.HttpURLConnection.getResponseCode(OEAB)
at me.openconnecto.OcpUrl.query(OcpUrl.java:34)
This occurres when on the line where I am getting the response code:
this.responseCode = conn.getResponseCode();
I should still be able to get the response code even though I got a 404. Also I'm not using the ice library in my java code, so is MATLAB doing that instead of use just plain java.io*? Any tips from the java-matlab wiz's out there would be appreciated.
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Matt 2013년 11월 18일
I'm having a similar problem with Java behaving differently inside MATLAB, described here
Did you find a solution to your issue?

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Malcolm Lidierth
Malcolm Lidierth 2012년 9월 24일
Are you using the same ice.net jar file in Eclipse & MATLAB? It ships with and is on the ML static jar path. Many jars shipped with MATLAB are legacy versions.
ice.net.URLNotFoundException sounds like a suitable exception to throw for 404.
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Malcolm Lidierth
Malcolm Lidierth 2012년 9월 25일
"at me.openconnecto.OcpUrl.query(OcpUrl.java:34)"
What is that, and where is that being called from?

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