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Restoring default view in live editor

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I was working in live editor in Matlab 2019b and was examining one graph in the output space. When using the mouse control for zooming into one of the graphs, I noticed that the font size of the text in the script editor window became very small, quite inadvertently. Indeed, it became too small to be propertly legible. Ever since I am working to get back the default font size settings for the live editor. But, I am unable to do so using some of the inbuilt zoom controls (zoom scrolling features). I also noticed that the option to open the output figures in a new window also disappeared. Is there any route to get back to the default settings? I am working on a Macbook Pro with MacOS Catalina.
All helpful suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Vilborg Carlsdottir
Vilborg Carlsdottir 8 Dec 2019
I'm having the same issue, and I really need it fixed. Any answers?

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Vilborg Carlsdottir
Vilborg Carlsdottir 8 Dec 2019
I found the solution
On Mac:
Press the cmd and + after having clicked on a live editor script (while in it)
Fixed it for me! :)
Soumyadeep Dutta
Soumyadeep Dutta 10 Dec 2019
Thanks, Villborg. The same trick worked for me too.
Esther Ojokojo
Esther Ojokojo 11 Dec 2019
Thank you, you have literally saved me!

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Entesar Alrubaiaan
Entesar Alrubaiaan 21 Nov 2019
I am having the same issue and was wondering if you resolved the issue.

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