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Area under the curve

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Bhuvan Khoshoo
Bhuvan Khoshoo 2019년 10월 24일
댓글: Bhuvan Khoshoo 2019년 10월 29일
I have follwing curve resulting from plotting current in capacitor versus time. (Matlab code is attached).
I want to calculate the charge stored in the capacitor. For that I need to calculate the positive area of the curve. As you can see in the zoomed in image, the current plotted has pulses (switching frequency = 20kHz), and I would like to calculate the charge stored in one fundamental cycle (fundamental frequency = 60Hz).
So theoretically, the capacitor is getting charged when the current flows into it. For the curve it means the value of current that is above zero(positive).
I tried calculating the area of the curve by simplifying the curve into traingles and trapezoids, and then taking the coordinate points values (x,y). But I am pretty sure it is not correct since it does not take into account the presence of pulses.
I also tried the trapz(x,y) in matlab but the calculation does not seem right.
And the expression of the current is not a straightforward function, it is defined in terms of switching functions and duty ratios so I am not sure how to use the integral function in Matlab.
Please help.
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Bhuvan Khoshoo
Bhuvan Khoshoo 2019년 10월 25일
I have added the code in the attachements.
Yes, the time series is a vector, sampled at Ts/100 step size, where Ts is switching time period (switching frequency = 20kHz). The current series is also a vector with values corresponding to the time instants.

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Dimitris Kalogiros
Dimitris Kalogiros 2019년 10월 25일
편집: Dimitris Kalogiros 2019년 10월 25일
Change the last section of your program to this:
%% Sizing Capacitor Cf;
%capacitor fundamental current for "a" phase is all the ripple current of ia, considering
%the fundamental compnent of ia, i.e. ia1 flows into converter;
%similar expression for other phases;
icfa = ia-ia1;
icfb = ib-ib1;
icfc = ic-ic1;
% integral of current
for n=2:length(t)
subplot(2,1,1); plot(t,icfa,'-k.'),grid on
ylabel('Capacitor Current(Amps)','fontsize',12);
subplot(2,1,2); plot(t,Qcfa,'-r.'); zoom on; grid on;
ylabel('Capacitor charge(Coulomb)','fontsize',12);
Qcfa(n) is the value of capacitor's electric charge at every moment t(n).
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Bhuvan Khoshoo
Bhuvan Khoshoo 2019년 10월 29일
Thanks a lot!! :)
I went with the first method. From the resulting array I needed the maximum value for sizing the capacitor.
Thanks again for the help!!

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