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how to use Subscript in for loop

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reza hamzeh
reza hamzeh 2019년 10월 20일
답변: Dimitris Kalogiros 2019년 10월 20일
i have some mathematica codes that i want to change them to matlab codes. i think its possible to write these codes as two for-loops in matlab. but unfortunetly
i dont know how to do that. in mathematica its easy to do that with help of Subscripts but there is no Subscript in matlab to do that.
the code should be something like this ?? plz help me
for i=0:3
for j=0:3
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Star Strider
Star Strider 2019년 10월 20일
You need to start the indices with 1 instead of 0, since MATLAB subscripts are defined as integers greater than 0.
Otherwise, it appears to be correct, assuming that the elements of cell array ‘e’ are square matrices.

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Dimitris Kalogiros
Dimitris Kalogiros 2019년 10월 20일
What is Tr [ ] at your mathematica code ? Is it an array or a function (I am asking because I 've no experience on mathematica).
You must be aware of the fact that indexes in matlab starts from 1 . For example if A is a vector of 5 elements, then A(1) is is the first element. On the other hand A(0) , produces an execution error.
So, the matlab code you suggest has to be corrected in one or two places:
  • i and j indexes must have a range from 1 to 4
  • depending on the value of e{i}*ro or e{j}*ro, maybe you have to add +1, when you use them as indexes.


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