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Simulink Real-Time - Communication on Target PC in latest versions

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If i am not wrong, then the support for none-Speedgoat computers has been completly removed. My problem is, that i need to upgrade an existing real-time target PC model to the latest MATLAB/Simulink version to use newer block from other Toolboxes.
As far as I understand, the real-time traget runs its own Operating System. Will this newer OS version still support the Hardware that is currently working with a R2015b Environment? I am thinking of the Intel LAN-Port in this machine and is there any chance to continue using a Softing CAN Adapter?
If all this functionality has been removed, is there a chance to recover it? For example via S-Function blocks? The vendor (Softing) offers an C/C++ API for the CAN-Interface. Does the Target PC need a driver in addition to that API ?

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli 10 Nov 2019
편집: Diego Kuratli 14 Nov 2019
When you upgrade MATLAB in your development PC, you have to upgrade the real-time kernel on your target machine too. In other words, you won't be able to connect your target machine with R2015b real-time kernel and your development PC with MATLAB R2019b.
Also, note that the I/O drivers are not stored in the real-time target machine or part of the real-time kernel. The I/O drivers are delivered as S-Functions (Simulink driver blocks). When you build your application, the generated code includes the I/O drivers.

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Mathias Voigt
Mathias Voigt 14 Nov 2019
Thank you very much!
The Part that I/O Drivers are not part of the kernel was the critical info. I will try to get the CAN expansion cards to work with the method you explained. Might need some time to test.

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