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simulink output space state block

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SV 17 Oct 2019
Hi everyone,
How can I make a scalar signal output from the discrete state space in simulink? I tried putting x '= Ax + Bu and y = Ix, where the dimensions of A are [2x2], B [2x1] and where I [2x2] matrix identity, but I still get two output values. Thank you so much for your help.


Naveen Shanmuganantham
I understand that you need scalar output values from the Discrete State Space block.
To get the scalar output, please choose C matrix as [0 1] or [1 0] , and D matrix as 0 to get either the first or second scalar output.
With your current value of the C matrix [1 0;0 1], it will always output two values since it's in accordance with the matrix dimensions.

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