making an array to simulate states of a paramagnet with values of -1,+1.

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I want to make an array containing only the values 1 and -1. It should be randomly generated so as to get a random number of occurences of both values.
I made the following but I feel like its way too complicated. Is there a simpler way? thanks
x = randi ([-1,1],1,n) ;
for k = 1 : n
if x (k) == 0
r = rand ;
if r > 0.5
x(k) = 1 ;
x(k) = -1;

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Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) 2019년 10월 12일
Create a random vector with two values and map those to -1 and 1. An easy solution (with n=10):
x = 2 * randi([0 1], 1, 10) - 1

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