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how to model an electric vehicle and its charge discharge

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MUKESH KUMAR 10 Oct 2019
댓글: Nasifah Zailan 21 Nov 2020
Want to model electric vehicle (30kW battery capacity) and charge by 1C/2C/3C rates with 3kW/5kW/10kW charger and consumption 150Wh/km.
How can I model it in simulink to charge it from transformer and after discharge in certain time period then again charge. First need to model one EV then I will go throgh multiple EVs with different battery capacity and their charge discharge caracteristics.
Please also provide any reference for study for simulation

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MUKESH KUMAR 16 Oct 2019
Can I write the script for it in .m file rather than simulink model design of full EV, how to write code for this ??

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Tony Lennon
Tony Lennon 10 Oct 2019
Hi Mukesh,
Please take a look at this content that was presented in a MOOC.

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MUKESH KUMAR 11 Oct 2019
Dont need to go in detailed modeling, i need only consumption of EVs in kW in a regular time interval like 15 0r 30 min with a 30kW battery capacity ,charging with charger of 3kW or 5kW ? then modeling large numbers of EVs

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Chirag 10 Oct 2019
Hi Mukesh,
From your question, it seems like you are focusing on Charger performance and interaction with Battery, but care less about detailed model of Electric Vehicle.
If that is true, examples in Simscape Electrical can help you create a system level model. Here are some examples that you can refer to.
For Battery Model:
For Detailed Battery Management System: (Only in R2019b)

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MUKESH KUMAR 11 Oct 2019
Not going in details with EV modeling and charger, just taken an EV and its charging behaviour with any charger type then want to model similar more number of EVs in 1000 times to see the impact on Grid.
Nasifah Zailan
Nasifah Zailan 21 Nov 2020
hello Mukesh Kumar, can you please share your answer once you got it? Thanks

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