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Nested For Loop Equation

I have an array (N) filled with the 25 prime numbers between 1 and one hundred.
And I need to build the equation
x = (((((( (n)^ 99/100 n-1)^ 99/100 )+ n-2)^ 99100 ) +n-3)^99/100 )....+ 1 ^99/100)
and apply to every number in the array.
For example, the 6th prime number is 13, the equation would be
x = ((((13^(99/100)) + 12)^(99/100) +11) ^(99/100) +10)^(99/100)....+1)^99/100 = 63.6
I know this is going to need some sort of nested for loops create the equation.
for i = size(NN,2) % For i = 25
for j = max(NN) % For j = 97
This is my initial attempt, any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated.

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thoughtGarden 님의 답변 20 Sep 2019
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Tis quick and dirty, but this work...
N = primes(100);
newVect = zeros(size(N));
for ii = 1:length(N)
tempSum = 0;
for jj = N(ii):-1:1
tempSum = (tempSum + jj)^(99/100);
newVect(ii) = tempSum;
Update: I changed the variables to match your OP. I also cleaned up by adding preallocation.
As a side note, this seems like something you would want to put into a function... JMHO.

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MATLAB provides a function for this kind of operation: fold()
Thanks for tip about fold(). I've never heard of it, but it does seem useful, especially for this application.

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