App designer - prevent axes figure from popping up

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SBakc 2019년 9월 20일
댓글: Sarlota Duskova 2020년 5월 10일
I am trying to create an app using the App Designer. When I place an Axes on my GUI, at run-time the Axes is displayed as a figure.
I do not want this to occur. The Axes should not pop-up as a figure at run-time, nor should it be visible until a button is pressed.
How can I prevent the Axes from displaying in a figure at run-time? I am not calling any functions, so I'm not sure why this is occurring.
Thank you.
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Sarlota Duskova
Sarlota Duskova 2020년 5월 10일
Hello, I think I have same problem. I have placed axes in the Design View of the App Designer and when I want to plot data from one file it works fine but when I want to plot data from two file in loop it shows graph and also it pops up empty graph in new figure. This is my code.
T = getappdata(0, 'table')
nFiles = getappdata(0,'figure');
hold on;
for ii=1:nFiles
table = vertcat(T{ii})

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Ned 2019년 9월 20일
Uncheck the Visible property of the Axes in the Component Browser.
To make it pop back up, use
app.UIAxes.Visible = true;
in your button callback.

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