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How to generate Bug Finder report with pass/fail tab filled?

The reports generated by Polyspace Bug Finder don't have the Pass/Fail tab filled in Project Summary, just "NA" writtten instead.
This is what I've done so far:
I've configured compiler, interupts, etc.
I've set the rules that I want verified in Coding Standards and Code Metrics and fixed/justified the problems that appeared in the Results List.
Then I've matched those rules in the Review Scope, checked "Include Quality Objective Scopes", selected that scope in the Results List and uploaded the results to Polyspace Metrics. "Pass" is written there:
But the Pass/Fail tab in the reoprt remains the same:
What am I missing?
Thank you,

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Anirban 님의 답변 6 Nov 2019
Anirban 님이 편집함. 6 Nov 2019
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You have to use specific report templates to see the Pass/Fail status:
  • Code Prover: SoftwareQualityObjectives or SoftwareQualityObjectives_Summary
  • Bug Finder: Metrics
If you are generating report from the Polyspace UI, these templates are not available by default. After uploading to Metrics and seeing the pass/fail status, download the results back to the Polyspace UI. Now, when generating the report, you can see the templates.
If you used the review scopes in the Bug Finder user interface to filter out results, and it looks like you did, if there are no results remaining, this itself indicates a passed status. That is one way you can avoid uploading to Polyspace Metrics just to see the passed/failed status. This trick does not apply to Code Prover results (the Code Prover criteria that show passed/failed status are slightly more involved).

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Thank you! That was the problem, I missed using the metrics template.

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