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Show a txt text in matlab interface

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Taieb Cheikh
Taieb Cheikh 6 Sep 2019
댓글: Rik 6 Sep 2019
Hello guys,
I am interfacing an application, using matlab guide, and I am stuck .
I need to find a way, to show a text from a txt file in the interface.
so, here I am, again asking for your help
thanks !

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Luna 6 Sep 2019
Please explain what you have and what you want with a detailed example.

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ES 6 Sep 2019
  1. read the .txt file using fopen or textscan or any other function you find suitable for your data.
  2. Display in an edit box or stati text box in GUIde according to your need.

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Rik 6 Sep 2019
And if this doesn't help you: here you see the downside of not providing any details, you'll only get a general answer.

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