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How to solve "Error using eval undefined function workspacefunc' ?

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Damien Lamaison
Damien Lamaison 29 Aug 2019
I currently use Matlab R2019a on my Microsoft session and it works well.
But I would like to use it on a local session that a have created. Yet, when a open Matlab in this local session I have the following error 'Error using eval undefined function workspacefunc' (see picture in attachement).
I have tried to deactivate or no the Matlab license on my Microsoft accouint before activating it on my local session but the result is the same.
I have read that it could be a problem of owner of the "pathdef.m" file but I can't manage to change the owner (which is currently my Microsfot account) to transfer it to everyone.
How could I do that, or is there rany other problem that could explain this error message ?
Thank you by advance,

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