how to stack 2 dimensional arrays into 3 dimensional aarays?

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Hassan Ashraf
Hassan Ashraf 2019년 8월 28일
답변: Bruno Luong 2019년 8월 28일
I have Nine(9) , 2-D arrays of size 3200x8.
I want to stack them into a 3D array so that I could have a final aaray of size 3200x8x9.
Please help!
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Hassan Ashraf
Hassan Ashraf 2019년 8월 28일
Concatenating arrays does not change dimenions it only concatenates arrays and matrices

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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong 2019년 8월 28일
If 2D arrays are stored in 9 variables
If they are stored in 1x9 cell C
cat(3, C{:});

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darova 2019년 8월 28일
Use cat()
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Stephen 2019년 8월 28일
"I have Nine, 2D arrays of dimesnions 3200x8, and I want them to change a single 3D array of size 3200x8x9."
Sure, use cat.

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