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Can someone help me on how to read a text as string in matlab to be used as input data to AES algorithm

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Craig  Quan
Craig Quan 28 Aug 2019
For example I have this code:
len= length (text_in)
textin2=double (text_in)
this works but it only applies to when the input is number;;; but i want certain strings of words to be entered as input.....

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Rik 28 Aug 2019
This code works for any char input, not just digits. What makes you think it doesn't work?
Also be aware that discussing cryptography on this site is a bit problematic, due to US laws.

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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith 10 Sep 2019
I gave some strings of words as input and it’s working.
For example
text_in=(I love MATLAB)
and remaining steps as mentioned and its working properly because the functions which you are using works for both digits and characters etc.

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