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How to create a cell of strings from a vector?

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K E 10 Sep 2012
I have the vector
x = [ 10.027 20.35 50.1 100.002 ]
which I would like to convert to the cell
x = { '10', '20', '50', '100' }.
How can I do this? I know I can use sprintf('%.0f\n', x) to get the formatting I want, but not how to turn the outputs into a cell of strings.

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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov 10 Sep 2012
편집: Oleg Komarov 10 Sep 2012
Encapsulate sprintf() into arrayfun():
arrayfun(@(in) sprintf('%.0f', in), x,'un',0)
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Tom 10 Sep 2012
If you add left justify to the format it removes the leading spaces:

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Jan 10 Sep 2012
편집: Jan 10 Sep 2012
Perhaps this is faster:
Str = sprintf('%.0f*', x);
C = regexp(Str, '*', 'split');

Tom 10 Sep 2012
Based on Sean De Wolski's answer:


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