Does the use of latency in statflow state work as expected?

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Xu Liu
Xu Liu 2019년 8월 19일
댓글: Xu Liu 2019년 8월 19일
Hi, I have a problem with stateflow, which is if I use a delay function in the state to execute two sentences, does that delay function work?
Because the compilation prompted me to delete, so I hope you help me,thanks!
This temporal logic expression has no side-effect. It either needs to be used in an expression, or removed if deemed unnecessary. State 'init' in Chart 'BLDDPM_cpu1_CCP_V1_0_20190818/extraControl/Protect_Logic': after(1,sec)

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Jonas 2019년 8월 19일
편집: Jonas 2019년 8월 19일
Your state expression will not work indeed. You will need to create an additional state where ProtectStartBit = uint16(1); which has a state transition leading towards it with the condition after(1,sec);.
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Jonas 2019년 8월 19일
Stateflow does not work that way, all expressions within one state are executed each sample time when active. You need to separate the expressions in separate states.
Xu Liu
Xu Liu 2019년 8월 19일
I got it, thanks a lot

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