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rosservice call not implemented

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Luca Spanò Cuomo
Luca Spanò Cuomo 5 Aug 2019
댓글: Cam Salzberger 2 Jan 2020
Hi everyone. I am trying to use Matlab with MavRos inorder to command a drone in Gazebo. The drone is equipped with a virtual Pixhawk oard running PX4. I can retrieve information aout some sensors. My problem is I cannot call the rosservices. Matlab has Rosservice function. It implements 'list', info', 'type' and 'url' but not 'call', the most important to me. Can I bypass the problem? Thanks

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Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger 7 Aug 2019
Hello Luca,
The rosservice function is designed to give introspection information from the network about available services. For actual setting up of service clients and servers, you can use the rossvcclient and rossvcserver functionality. See here for a comprehensive example.

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Hadi Elmekawi
Hadi Elmekawi 27 Dec 2019
The docs don't mention how to call a service, they just mention the following:
  • Create a service server
  • Create a service client
For example a service that already exist is called /mavros/cmd/arming
What I normally do is
  • rospy.wait_for_service('/mavros/cmd/arming')
  • armService = rospy.ServiceProxy('/mavros/cmd/arming', mavros_msgs.srv.CommandBool)
  • armService(True)
Any idea on how to do it in MATLAB?
Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger 2 Jan 2020
See the last link I provide in my answer, when they call the "call" function. This is what performs the actual service call. In MATLAB, the call to services is synchronous, so there is no need to "wait for" it to complete.

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