Embedded coder,matlab coder, simulink coder ?

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Dhiraj Jagtap
Dhiraj Jagtap 2019년 8월 5일
답변: Bill Chou 2022년 6월 13일
can anyone explain what is embeded coder and what is diffrence between matlab coder and simulink coder ?
thanks in advance

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ES 2019년 8월 5일
편집: ES 2019년 8월 5일
You can find the full details in the official documentation.
You can also find some info here.
and this
But basically, Embedded Coder is a production code generator for simulink models and embedded matlab functions.
While Simulink coder (also called RTW) is a code generator for simulation of simulink models.

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Bill Chou
Bill Chou 2022년 6월 13일
As others have mentioned:
  • MATLAB Coder enables users to generate C/C++ code from MATLAB algorithms
  • Simulink Coder does the same for Simulink models
  • Finally, Embedded Coder is an add-on to either MATLAB Coder or Simulink and unlocks additional code optimization, verification, and targeting capabilities (such as PIL)
For those interested, you can find a list of additional capabilities that Embedded Coder adds to MATLAB Coder here:


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