How to fill 3 in a column of matrix so that each column has first =3 and last =3

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M.S. Khan
M.S. Khan . 2019년 8월 4일
댓글: dpb . 2019년 8월 4일
In Matrix M, My aim is that each column should have starting 3 in any row and final 3 at any row. i am facing problem with column 2 and column 5.
In first colum, have starting 3 ie.(1,2) and last 3 i e(1,5).
in 2nd column at (2,2) i.e yellow i want to fill 3. so it will help me to have first 3 ie (2,2) and last 3 ie.(5,2) in 2nd column.
similarly 3rd column is also ok
In column 5 ie. (3,5), i need to fill 3 at yellow place.
6th column is also ok having first 3 and last 3
Your help and guidance will be highly apprecated.
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dpb 2019년 8월 4일
Also, just filling 3,5 for 5th column leaves only one 3 in the column, not two unless the 4 is a typo or there's some other reason one 3 counts as both start and end...
Somehow I think there must be more to the is it to be determined it is the 2nd and 3rd rows that need filling instead of any other row(s) in the specific column?

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