troubles loading Simulink operating point

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Brian Tremaine
Brian Tremaine 2019년 7월 27일
댓글: Anirudh Singh 2020년 3월 31일
I am trying to save and restore an operating point in Simulink R2019a. This is a feature I'm just starting to use.
I used the following to run my model and get the operating point:
simOut = sim('bldc_simple', '0.8')
myOperPoint = simOut.myOperPoint
This seemed to have worked and generates a structure myOperPoint.
Next, I updated the Configuration --> load from Workspace to add myOperPoint as the initial conditions.
Now I use the following to run some longer time:
% set_param('bldc_simple','SaveFinalState','on','LoadInitialState','on',...
% 'InitialState','myOperPoint','FinalStateName','myOperPoint2',...
% 'SaveOperatingPoint','on');
% load myOperPoint in Configuration
'InitialState','myOperPoint','FinalStateName', 'myOperPoint2',...
simOut = sim('bldc_simple','StopTime','1.3') ;% <------ line with error
myOperPoint2 = simOut.myOperPoint
elapsedTime = toc
Now I get an error:
Error using batch (line 14)
,The width of the given MATLAB array does not match that of the Simulink internal data
What am I missing? The error description is cryptic. Thanks !!!
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Anirudh Singh
Anirudh Singh 2020년 3월 31일
Did you apply this:
"Before you save the operating point, disable the Block Reduction parameter in Configuration Settings > Simulation Target > Advanced Parameters."
I am attaching a documantation page of save and restore operating point in simulink, check if you miss any step:

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Florian 2020년 1월 27일
Hi Brian,
did you solve your problem? I got the same error message.

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