Build executable app that reads data from a file and displays it graphically

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Karston Christensen
Karston Christensen 2019년 7월 24일
답변: awezmm 2019년 7월 25일
I have written the script that reads data from a datafile and displays it graphically. I have also included multiple interactive elements using the uicontrol toolbox. However, the whole program was built programmatically and I am trying to figure out how I should package it as an executable. When I use deploytool and opt to built a package with the Matlab runtime compiler, I am given the option to include necessary files. I would like my app to display data from any arbitrary datafile I provide it (datafile will always be formatted in the same way and have the same file extension). Should I attempt to port my programmatically built GUI to App Designer? Or is there a way to package my app using the Matlab Runtime Compiler such that it is standalone and can also read from new datafiles?

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awezmm 2019년 7월 25일
You can use uigetfile to have a file selection dialog box open for the user to select a file, using GUI.

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