Compiler Polyspace bug finder error

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praveenkhanna cr
praveenkhanna cr 2019년 7월 13일
답변: Christian Bard 2021년 3월 9일
Containing many errors while performing polyspace like
1. In the compiler header file
  • expected a type specifier
  • "__attribute__" has already been defined-Even the specified variable is defined.
2.In source files(.c files)
  • Files are already defined but it is showing that it is undefined.(For Example-" variable name " is undefined)
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Peter Bauer
Peter Bauer 2020년 9월 17일
I came across the same issue. We are using an in-house embedded Compiler supporting some "__attribute__" declarations. What is the recommended way to deal with this?
A workaround could be to define all the "__attribute__" variants as empty strings with the "-D" option ...?

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Christian Bard
Christian Bard 2021년 3월 9일
That is recommended to use polyspace-configure on the build chain to get the set of options and target values to match your compiler. See doc below:

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