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Internal Signal logging during SIL Simulation

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Vishakha Bhatia
Vishakha Bhatia 11 Jul 2019
댓글: Nick Sarnie 8 Aug 2019
Hello All,
Has anyone tried logging internal signals in SIL Simulation?
The suggested C API method from Mathworks is not working in my case.

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Nick Sarnie
Nick Sarnie 13 Jul 2019
편집: Nick Sarnie 13 Jul 2019
Hi Vishakha,
Are you following the below workflow?
If so, can you confirm that the internal signal of interest is present in the generated code? You may need to mark it as a Test Pointed signal to get it to be preserved.
If a buffer for the signal of interest is preserved in the general code, but SIL internal data is not working, please contact Technical Support and reference this post.

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Vishakha Bhatia
Vishakha Bhatia 31 Jul 2019
Hello Nick,
Thank you for the response.
So if i use the c-api method and resolve the signal, it is not present in _cpai.c file.
If I do not resolve it is present and then the signal is also present in the logsout and can be monitored.
Vishakha Bhatia
Vishakha Bhatia 8 Aug 2019
Hello Nick,
For R2015b. where for SIL simulation if SIL / PI Lblock is used and not model reference, even if the signal is present in capi.c, it is not present in logs out to be monitored.
I am thinking this is a bug.
Nick Sarnie
Nick Sarnie 8 Aug 2019
Please feel free to contact Technical Support.

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