Marking the peak of a plot automatically without having to click on it

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Is it possible to mark the peak of a plot automatically with a command without having to to mark on each plot.

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Star Strider
Star Strider 2012년 8월 29일
편집: Star Strider 2012년 8월 29일
If you have the Signal Processing Toobox, I suggest the findpeaks function with two outputs so that you get the value of the function at the peak as well as the index of your x-variable at which the peak occurs.
For example:
[Peak, PeakIdx] = findpeaks(Y);
and the label would then be:
text(x(PeakIdx), Peak, sprintf('Peak = %6.3f', Peak));
using the text command.
To illustrate:
X = [0:0.1:pi]';
Y = sin(X);
[Peak, PeakIdx] = findpeaks(Y);
plot(X, Y)
text(X(PeakIdx), Peak, sprintf('Peak = %6.3f', Peak))
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Kiki 2016년 3월 29일
What if I have multiple peaks and I want the apply the label respectively? How should I write the text command?
Thank you!

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Wayne King
Wayne King 2012년 8월 29일
Do you know the value of the peak?, then yes, it's easy.
x = randn(100,1);
[val,I] = max(x);
plot(x); hold on;
plot(I,val,'r^','markerfacecolor',[1 0 0])
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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy 2012년 8월 29일
Below link is the 'how-to' display tooltip syntactically..
Happy reading,

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy 2012년 8월 29일
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Jan 2012년 8월 29일
See "help text" and "doc text".

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Sergio Yanez-Pagans
Sergio Yanez-Pagans 2021년 3월 28일
You could use my MATLAB File Exchange function:
Hope you find this useful!


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