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I have IgorTime data in which time:units = "seconds since 1904-01-01". I would like to convert this seconds to datevc.

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I have attached the file (IgorTime).
Thank you

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Are Mjaavatten
Are Mjaavatten 17 Jun 2019
First: Are you sure your T vector is in seconds? If so, your time list covers about 48 milliseconds around 01-Jan-1904 11:41:29. It makes more sense if T is in days since 1904-01-01.
Anyway, here is a way to do it:
dt = datetime(1904,1,1) + T; % Use T/24/3600 if T is really in seconds
dv = datevec(dt);
I recommend to work with datetime objects, which are very flexible. For instance, the time axis adustst automatically when you zoom in plots.

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Vishnu Dhakad
Vishnu Dhakad 18 Jun 2019
I am sorry for wrong information.
By Mistake, I have uploaded the wrong file.
Now I am upload the correct file please find the attachment.
Thank you for your valuable answer but I used following code and it is working.
T = T./86400;
dt = datetime(T+1904*365.24264707,'ConvertFrom','datenum')
I will also try your code
Thank you again

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