How do i use Simulink to make an app that allows communication between android and arduino through USB ?

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Hello all
Is it possible to use SImulink to make an app that allows android and arduino to communicate with each other via an USB-OTG cable ?
I understand that there is a serial receive and send within the Arduino support package.
However, there is no such block within the android support package.
I would like to see if this is possible directly, or is it always necessary to create a separate application that runs in the backgroun to send and receive the serial data?
Cheers !

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Sruthi Yenugula
Sruthi Yenugula 2019년 6월 20일
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Kiat Nern Yeo
Kiat Nern Yeo 2019년 6월 23일
Hi Sir Thanks for replying
Will this mean that i will need to make another application to run in the background, in order to send the data through a USB cable ?
I understand that this ToApp and FromApp requires me to edit the generated code in Android Studio.

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Alireza Ghaderi
Alireza Ghaderi 2020년 5월 25일
i think it is supported now... I havent done that but there is a Serial send/receive in Simulink suport packages for android. I think that would do the job

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