Does neural network custom layer is supported by Matlab Coder?

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TripleSSSS 2019년 5월 28일
답변: Jaya Shankar 2019년 5월 28일
First, I'd like to know whether or not custom layers in neural network are supported in Matlab Coder ? (I couldn't find anything stated in the documentation)
Second, I'd like to implenet a matrix multipllication layer (A layer which is exacly like tensorflow matrix multiplication from here). I'd like to know if such an implenentation is supported using custom layer (I think it does, but what is the best & easy way to start?)

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Jaya Shankar
Jaya Shankar 2019년 5월 28일
No, MATLAB coder doesn't support code generation for custom layers. The layers supported for code generation are documented here

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