Plotting a cellArray Issue

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m j
m j 2019년 5월 27일
댓글: Rik 2019년 5월 28일
I have a cellarray thats for example: cellArray = {1X8}; and each cell is 1X1023. But im having issues plotting this. Ive tried cell2mat. But this just returns a giant char array:
c = '205020502049205020512051205120............'
I tried seperating every 4 chars and plotting but failed. Im trying to read values from a arduino serial port from one of its analog inputs. Ive tried cellfun(@plot,cellArray); and plot(cellArray{1,1}); but get invalid first argument a bit of a loss, and I know its a simple solution just stuck.
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Rik 2019년 5월 28일
Why are you using assignin? And how can the while loop exit?

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Raghunandan V
Raghunandan V 2019년 5월 28일
Hi m j,
Can you try something like this?
celldata(j) = str2num(x)
By doing this you are just storing them as numbers but not as str cell. and you can easily plot.
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Rik 2019년 5월 28일
If you are getting only a single value it is safer to use str2double (which avoids a call to eval and is therefore not vulnerable to function call injects). A cast to char avoids input type issues.

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