Reading a wire value from Simulink into the Command Window or GUIDE

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River Rock
River Rock 2012년 8월 20일
편집: John Kelly 2016년 7월 12일
I want to read the values that passes through a wire in my Simulink model.
This value should be displayed in a text field on a MATLAB GUI (it's the water level in a tank that is acquired every 100 ms).
I found out about get_param instruction, but until now I only managed to get the values from constants and transfer functions; example: get_param('main/Constant','Value') ; get_param('main/Transfer Function','Denominator').
How do I address a wire and its property list (value)?
The data is generated by an OPC Read block, passing through a subsystem using an Out port.

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River Rock
River Rock 2012년 8월 21일
Thanks for your answer; I was able to get the data from the filter's output
data=get_param('main/level/level_filter','RuntimeObject'); lvl = data.OutputPort(1).Data;
It works ok by request
How can I display this data cyclically in a Static Text field on a GUI ? Is there some callback that runs periodically ( and the sample time can be specified) ?
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River Rock
River Rock 2012년 8월 23일
I found a workaround yesterday. But your solution looks more elegant, I had to use global variables.
Thanks for your great support, the problem is solved.

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