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Windows .NET Framework Update Breaks READTABLE()

dpb 님이 질문을 제출함. 15 May 2019
최근 활동 dpb 님이 편집함. 16 May 2019
Not so much a Q? as a report...
Got up this AM to discover Windwoes had installed Office and OS update. After the interminable reboot and rebuilding all the work in progress - NOT! first thing to happen was all scripts/functions with READTABLE() failed with internal error.
Reboot "just in case" something didn't get finished updating did not solve the problem.
Regressed that update back out and all returned to being functional again.
Win7 Pro, R2017b

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It's unlikely that a windows update would affect readtable and even more unlikely that it would have anything to do with .Net since readtable has nothing to do with .Net (and matlab uses a completely different technology from .Net).
In any case, if you get an error, please state the full text of the error message.
Also, an example of code that causes the problem. Could it rather be that the update somehow messed up your file system and hence the files you're trying to access are no longer where they were.
Do you happen to have available the number or name of the specific update(s) that were installed and that you had to regress to avoid the problem?
dpb 15 May 2019
Clearly the update did the change excepting regressing fixed the issue. The readtable internals referenced stuff it appeared. I was in a time crunch to begin with so to have been so rudely interrupted overnight was not a pleasant surprise in the early AM...when get back to the home office tonight I can scrape the messages; just not time this AM, sorry.
Steven, I neglected to write it down when I did the regression; I realized shoulda' but when I went back to the whizard the uninstalled updates weren't listed and I was out of time...I'll try to dig out what it was later on this evening after -- altho ofomh I don't know precisely where to go to get the desired info but I suppose a KB search may lead me somewhere...

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Jeremy Hughes 님의 답변 15 May 2019

readtable(filename,'Basic',true) % or UseExcel false in a more recent release.

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dpb 님의 답변 16 May 2019
dpb 님이 편집함. 16 May 2019

Steven, the update was/is 2019-05 Security and Quality (HAH! -- dpb) Rollup for .NET Framework...(KB4499406) Published 5/14/2019
Unfortunately, since I had to restart after the regression, the error messages that were generated are gone and I'm not redoing the upgrade at least at the present time with the time crunch am under.
It was an internal error, NOT a ML error, though as @G is/was thinking...
Well, it reinstalled it again last night, so here's the first message -- it actually occurred on the detectImportOptions call; --
>> spentRestricted,findRestricted
Error using
An internal error occurred.
Error in (line 114)
data = sheet.readStrings(subrange,varopts.Type);
Error in detectImportOptions>getSpreadsheetOpts (line 495)
names = tvio.readSpreadsheetVariable(sheet,nameRowRange,typeIDs(headerRows+1,:));
Error in detectImportOptions (line 234)
opts = getSpreadsheetOpts(filename,res.NumVariables,res.NumHeaderLines,emptyColType,args);
Error in findRestricted (line 25)
Followed up to try to just readtable, got
>> tAppl=readtable(fullfile(wkdir,;
Error using readtable (line 198)
An internal error occurred.

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