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could anyone help me to solve my question

jaah navi 님이 질문을 제출함. 12 May 2019
최근 활동 gonzalo Mier 님이 댓글을 추가함. 13 May 2019
As i am unable to get the answer i am asking it again.
I am having two matrices A=[0.6399 0.8965] and B=[ 0.7684 0.0120;
0.5333 0.9666;
0.0684 0.8322;
0.1996 0.4453]
of different sizes generated in my code.
when size(A) is lesser than size(B) i done with the following command line
the code executes and gives me the result.
As A and B are generated by the code,sometimes size(A) is greater than size(B) so i have used the following command line
the code executes and gives me the result.
As i doesnt know whether size(A) is greater or lesser than size(B) i need to use the above code 1 and code 2 together by using if condition.
Could anyone help me how to use if condition with respect to code 1 and code 2.

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gonzalo Mier 님의 답변 12 May 2019

You don't need if here. You can mix them as:
C = B;
len_A = min(size(B,1),size(A,1));
C(1:len_A,:) = C(1:len_A,:) - A(1:len_A,:);

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