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Matlab plots y axis values in plot for array of x arrays

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Marc Thelen
Marc Thelen 2019년 5월 11일
편집: gonzalo Mier 2019년 5월 11일
I have a 33x1001 matrix of x values and an 1x1001 array of corresponding y values. I'm trying to plot this in one figure but matlab always plots the y axis into the plot at x=0. Can anybody fix this? Thanks a lot!
hold on

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gonzalo Mier
gonzalo Mier 2019년 5월 11일
편집: gonzalo Mier 2019년 5월 11일
There is no problem here. Matlab is doing what you want. The problem that you see may be because you have one row that is in a lower order of your general data, so if your wave_number you have values of 15e4 and others of 1, the lowers one will appear next to the x axis

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