Simulink Onramp progress lost in MATLAB Desktop

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Apoorv Singh
Apoorv Singh . 2019년 4월 28일
답변: Stefanie Schwarz . 2023년 4월 4일
Simulink onramp progress lost when I open it from my MATLAB PC but online in my account it shows a progress of 40%. How do I restore my simulink progress back to 40% when I open it in PC?

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Alisha Schor
Alisha Schor 2019년 7월 29일
Hi Apoorv,
Are you using the same version of MATLAB as listed in your online account? If you go to the My Courses dashboard and click on Settings, you can see which version of the course your progress is associated with.
Progress is tracked on a per-release basis.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2023년 3월 9일
Radek Hlavinka comments
same issue, twice

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Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz 2023년 4월 4일


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