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What does a value of performance in a neural network indicate?

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wannalearnandinnovate 2019년 4월 27일
답변: gonzalo Mier 2019년 4월 28일
performance = perform(net,Out,y)
trainTargets = Out .* tr.trainMask{1};
valTargets = Out .* tr.valMask{1};
testTargets = Out .* tr.testMask{1};
trainPerformance = perform(net,trainTargets,y)
valPerformance = perform(net,valTargets,y)
testPerformance = perform(net,testTargets,y)
The above is the code I use to calculate training,validation and testing performace. I get values like :
performance =0.9892
trainPerformance = 0.7206
valPerformance =0.5901
testPerformance = 0.5925
what do these values indicate? What are the range of values I should aim at? I have a 603x11 data set.
Thanks in advance.

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gonzalo Mier
gonzalo Mier 2019년 4월 28일
If you look in the documentation of perform function ( it tells you "returns network performance calculated according to the net.performFcn and net.performParam property values."
Also, looking in the documentation of Neural Network Object Properties, you can look those parameters and how to change them (

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